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Alright, I have never been good with writing. And this is my first time ever writing a blog. Let me start with writing about myself. I was born thirty something years ago in Indonesia. My mum is a pretty well known Makeup artist in Central Java Indonesia. She knew from the very start that I had a talent like hers and She did not wait long enough to train me to do makeup artistry. When other toddlers spent their time playing toys or watching tv, I spent most of my days sitting quietly watching my mum doing her magic to her clients in her studio (with snack in hands of course lol)

I was 9 years old when I first compete in a makeup competition. I remember I was the only kid at the competition, I did not win but I did get a lot of attention from doing that. My mum started to send me to makeup lessons with some best makeup artists in the country at the time. Mr Andyanto, Mr Johnny Saleh, Mr Anthony Unin, are some of my mentors I used to learn from. I remember most of my school holidays were spent in Jakarta stayed at their place to learn makeup directly from the best. I was very lucky that my mum was good friends with them.

I won first place in National Makeup competition when I was 13 and I flew to China representing my country for the 1994 Asian Makeup Competition and finished third place after Taiwan and Japan. I was so lucky to be able to learn from the best and got lots of support I needed as a kid.
I started doing bridal makeup since I was 13. I enjoyed my childhood and I could say that I started earning money from helping my parent since I was very very young.

In 1996, my parents sent me to Melbourne Australia to continue my study as an International student. I did my year 12 in Melbourne and continued doing Graphic Design degree in RMIT. Life had suddenly changed. I stopped doing makeup artistry until I graduated from university 3 years later. I love this country too much that I decided to call this place home and started a family. Only after my son was 4 when I started doing makeup again and that time I knew that I was given this talent for a reason and there is no better job in the world than doing something you truly love. I remember I had to ask five of my friends to be my models for my before and after portfolio when I started building my website. I am forever grateful for their help and encouragement. Business has grown so well soon after and what I can say is that I am very lucky to be doing what I love in a place I love the most.

I am thankful and let God be the glory.


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